EZFITBAND is a-multi-functional company that assists brand owners increase their presence and sales in ecommerce space

About us

EZFITBAND is a dynamic online retailer that help brands achieve significant growth in sales and brand recognition in the Amazon marketplace. We have had a lot of success increasing the sales and exposure of the products we carry.' We know how important your brand is, that’s why we work hard to add value beyond simply selling your products.

Along the way we have learned that business is all about building relationships and trust.

We focus on building mutually beneficial relationships with brands who have the same dedication and enthusiasm that we do for growth and success.


  1. Efficient Supply Chain Visibility.We use the latest tools and software to track your brand’s sales on Amazon. This allows us to not only forecast more accurately, but we also share this data with our partnered brands increasing their supply chain visibility.
  2. Optimize Sales: We know how to competitively price and fulfill products to optimize sales.
  3. Brand Building. A large portion of potential customers are first introduced to new brands and products via Amazon listings. So, that is often the first touchpoint customers have with their brand’s products. First impressions are important We will optimize Brands listings that make the best first impressions.
  4. Ratings and reviews: Product reviews, both quantity of them and the quality, are huge influencers on if people are going to buy a product. Many people compare products not only on Amazon based on reviews, but they will even pull up their phone and check Amazon reviews before they buy the product in store. We will address whatever the common complaints are in the reviews with the brand by doing things like providing better quality control other sellers may not be providing.
  5. Brand Positioning : Competition is relentlessly aiming to capture your customers — we will ensure your brand is always in a better position.
  6. Product Discovery – Employ a set of strategies to support market growth and customer acquisition.
  7. Competitor Analysis – Shine a light on what competing brands are doing in relation to your strategy.
  8. Strategic Planning – Arming your brand with a clearly defined and customized marketplace strategy that is scalable over time.
  9. Brand Control – Determine the “how,” “who,” and “why” when it comes to third-party sellers on the marketplace.